Trade Show Rentals

Three Ways to Engage Your Clients with Your Trade Show Display!

Be Bold:  At Design Knowhow, we know how to make your presence known.  Our team of experts will help you choose the display and graphics that align with your business while commanding the attention of trade show clients.  We offer a wide variety of lighting, banners, tabletop displays, islands, peninsulas, promotional items, and so much […]

Here is Why You Should Include Promotional Items in Your Trade Show Display

 Have you ever found yourself at a trade show and noticed someone walking around with swag from your competition?  We’ve all been there and found ourselves wondering is, should I be adding promotional items to my display?  The answer is YES, and here is why…      Promotional items stick with your clients, quite literally.  […]

Introducing the FabLight System!

This new product takes the Fablite System to the next level, along with our trade show display! We now offer the FabLite System with a custom, collapsible lightbar that provides vibrant illumination, making your business stand out! Make a first and lasting impression with this four-sided backlit billboard. Your brand will surely outshine the competition. […]

New Year, New Ideas! How Can We Help You?

Let Design KnowHow spice up your new year with a new tradeshow display or accessory! Here’s a very attainable new year resolution! Make a splash on the tradeshow floor by investing in your very own personalized tradeshow display or add some real dazzle to your already awesome display with some great accessories. Design KnowHow has […]

Lightwall: Bigger, Brighter, Better!

Wow the crowd at any trade show with the perfect complement to your company’s impressive display. It’s all about lighting! Design KnowHow has exactly what you need. With a Lightwall backlit display, your company will be stand out in the sea of displays on ant trade show floor. Lightwall backlit displays combine seamless, edge-to-edge imagery […]

Scalable Designs: Always A Smart Choice

Here at Design KnowHow, we are one of the leading distributors of Nomadic® Tradeshow Displays. One of the main reasons we utilize these displays is because their designs can interchange with each other. These displays can grow with your company’s demand and adapt to any setting. Tradeshow displays need the ability to transform from show to […]

Five Ways Design KnowHow Can Help Your Business

The name really says it all! When it comes to tradeshow displays, Design KnowHow knows how to design the perfect tradeshow display for your business. From small companies to large corporations, Design KnowHow thrives when it comes to designing, building, transporting and storing your tradeshow display and accessories. Whether your company is looking to invest […]

The Best of Both Worlds – The SPLUS Portable SEG System

What happens when two of the most popular products of the trade show industry are combined into one fabulous product? The SPLUS Portable SEG System! Nomadic has really outdone itself this time. They have combined the best framing system on the market, the Instand Plus pop-up system, with the versatile fabric graphics of SEG to […]

DesignLine Dazzles This Spring!

Nomadic’s DesignLine Displays are sure to grab attention at any tradeshow. These lightweight and versatile displays are just what your company has been looking for. Whether you are new to the tradeshow world or just looking to update your business’s display, DesignLine Displays have something for everyone. Don’t let a DesignLine Displays exceptionally light weight […]

The Benefits of Platinum Counters

Here at Design KnowHow, customer service is our #1 priority! That’s why we chose to distribute Nomadic Display® products and services. With 30 years of experience, Design KnowHow has seen all the ins and outs of the tradeshow world. Nomadic Display®, has proven products and services that have withstood the test of time. With feedback […]

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