April 11, 2018

DesignLine Dazzles This Spring!

Nomadic’s DesignLine Displays are sure to grab attention at any tradeshow. These lightweight and versatile displays are just what your company has been looking for. Whether you are new to the tradeshow world or just looking to update your business’s display, DesignLine Displays have something for everyone.

Don’t let a DesignLine Displays exceptionally light weight fool you. These displays are very durable. But their lightweight structure makes set up, break down, and transport very manageable. DesignLine Displays also pair well with other Nomadic systems. So if your company is looking to spruce up your already impressive Nomadic display, DesignLine Displays are the way to go.

DesignLine Displays take the best elements of other display systems and integrate them into one dynamic product. What do we mean by the best of other products? DesignLine Displays incorporate aluminum extrusions, Instand® pop-up displays, platinum laminated panels and tension fabric structures all into one magnificent product. This not only makes DesignLine Displays a desirable tradeshow display on its own; it also, enables these displays to be easily assimilated into already existing Nomadic displays.

DesignLine Displays also offers an impressive variety of accessories for your business’s tradeshow display. Choice the perfect literature stand to compliment that spectacular new catalog or brochure your company just produced. Show off the design, structure and new label of your product with DesignLine Display elegant shelving accessories. Add a DesignLine Display Reception Counter to your company’s tradeshow display. It’s the perfect way to invite patrons to your tradeshow display with graphic branding and secure storage. Add a widescreen monitor to highlight your business’s products and services. These are a great addition to DesignLine Display or any Nomadic display. These are just a handful of the great accessories available with DesignLine Displays.
Contact Design KnowHow today, and we will be happy to show you all of the wonderful aspects of DesignLine Displays and accessories.

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