April 25, 2018

Envision The Perfect Tradeshow Display

Elegant curves and bold style are the highlights of Envision display designs. This sophisticated design style will give your business the visual edge at any trade show. Envision designs work well as stand-alone displays or as beautiful additions to your company’s already well-designed trade show display.
The most prominent design element of the Envision display is it’s elegant, curved edges. This gives the display a more modern and organic feel, allowing the eye to visually flow through your entire display space. This, paired with the technology of SEG dye-sub graphics, allows for seamless edge-to-edge imagery of your business’s products or services. Envision displays are also scalable for any size display, including 20’, 10’ or 8’ back wall displays, as well as 3’ and 5’ portable kiosks.
Another great feature of Envision displays is that they have a double-sided capacity to display a 360 message or image. This is a real asset to standing out in a sea of trade show displays. These serve well as stand-alone displays emphasizing a new product or service, or simply use this as a centerpiece to display your company’s logo and motto or mission statement.
Envision displays are “tool-free”, which allows for easy assembly and disassembly. This will save your company the added hassle and cost of providing someone who specializes in assembling displays.
There is a multitude of accessories that can accompany any Envision trade show display. Here are examples of some popular accessories that you can add to your company’s Envision display:
• LED lights that add dramatic lighting adding visual depth and dimension.
• Monitor mounts (available in small, medium and large) allow for prerecorded video and graphics to be added to the display.
• Fins (available in 5 different shapes) emphasize the curved elegance of your company’s Envision display.
• Headers (available in 4 shapes) add visual texture to Envision displays while accentuating a product or idea that makes your company stand out from the rest.
These accessories compliment the bold sophistication of Envision displays and enable your business to visually bedazzle the audience with your products and services. Envision displays combine modern form with a classic design that will carry your company’s tradeshow presence for many years to come.

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