February 24, 2020

Here is Why You Should Include Promotional Items in Your Trade Show Display

 Have you ever found yourself at a trade show and noticed someone walking around with swag from your competition?  We’ve all been there and found ourselves wondering is, should I be adding promotional items to my display?  The answer is YES, and here is why…

     Promotional items stick with your clients, quite literally.  Estimates suggest that consumers will keep these items for at least six months!  What’s more, when they are done with the item, the majority pass it on to another consumer.  Your brand is with a consumer for at least six months, talk about low-cost branding!

     Speaking of branding, promotional items give your business visibility.  Consumers display or travel with promotional items, showcasing your logo all over!  Even more, consumers recall your brand and your business.  Brand recognition is a crucial component of any marketing strategy.  Your promotional items will increase your brand awareness among consumers far beyond the trade show setting.  

     Promotional items are a cost-effective way to reach a broader audience.  At Design Knowhow, we know how to garner visibility for your business.  Our team of experts will help you choose high-quality promotional items to impress your audience.  Our inventory management system makes ordering and reordering a breeze.   Contact our team of experts and reap the benefits of promotional swag!

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