February 6, 2018

New Year, New Designs!

Marketing your business can be a full-time job! Keeping up with the latest trends, knowing what works, implementing new designs to highlight new products: these are all things that will keep your business alive and fresh in the New Year. The trade shows of 2018 promise to be exhilarating and highly competitive. Design KnowHow has got you covered. We know exactly what to expect when it comes to displays in the trade show world this year.

In this ever-evolving world of displays, updating your trade show display will be a key element in attracting a whole new generation of clients. Your dedicated customer base will enjoy seeing what’s new for your company. Our sales force can help you determine whether to invest in a new display booth or some great new accessories. For almost 30 years, Design KnowHow has been one of the leading distributors of Nomadic Display®, the worldwide leader in trade shows displays. Our business is to make your business shine!

Our sales team is very excited to Introduce Nomadic Display® Inspire 2.0! This new display combines a fresh, modern look with a streamlined, lighter weight frame. Show your clients exactly how spectacular your company is with this beautiful display, while saving your company money on shipping and handling fees with its lighter frame. The new, smoother SEG track makes installation even faster, reducing labor and installation time. Design KnowHow will work hand-in-hand with your company to design the perfect tradeshow display to accent your company’s finer points.

Take your company’s trade show display to the next level this year! Design KnowHow will produce a display for you that will attract a whole new generation of dedicated customers, while highlighting your company’s new products and services to your devoted clientele. Let Design KnowHow make your business the envy of your competitors at the trade shows this year!


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