February 21, 2018

Rental vs. Owning Displays: Which is Right for You?

One of the biggest decisions your company will have to make is whether to rent or own a tradeshow display booth. Is your industry ever-changing? Are the products and services your business offers dependent on seasonal or regional changes? How many trade shows will your company be participating in this year?
Renting a trade show display could be the best option for your business. Rentals are financially cheaper on a short-term basis. This option also allows your business to drastically evolve your trade show display design with each new trade show. Perhaps your business is brand-new and your budget does not allow for the purchase of a full trade show booth display this year. If you are new to the trade show scene, you may want to try renting a booth display first to see what works for you before you invest in ownership of a full booth display.

Another benefit of renting a tradeshow booth display is that your business will not have to invest in long-term storage of the display.
There are also many advantages to owning a trade show booth display. Does your company offer tried and true products and services that have withheld the test of time? Perhaps there are only one or two newer elements within the industry that need to be emphasized in this year’s trade show circuit. Investing in owning a tradeshow display will allow your business to become a staple at many trade shows.

Elements of trade show booth displays can always be updated as new products and services are introduced. By purchasing a trade show display booth, your company will save money on a long-term basis when compared to renting displays year after year. Changing graphics and renting or buying new accessories can keep your company’s booth display looking fresh and new.
​These are just a few of the questions that will help you determine which selection is best for your business. Design KnowHow’s expert sales team can help you weigh your options and determine what will be the best choice for you and your business.

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