Design Knowhow is your One-Stop Shop for all your Trade Show Display Needs in Boston, MA and RI areas.

We provide a variety of options for trade show displays in Boston, MA. Whether you need assistance with your artwork, installation, shipping, storage or general expertise, we are there to help! See our detailed list of services below!


Display Design Services

First impressions matter and Design Knowhow understands that. That is why we are leaders in the trade show display industry. Our displays are custom designed for your business. We are confident that your corporate branding will leave a lasting impression on trade show attendees. Our talented team of designers will customize your display to meet your objectives and your budget. We provide technical renderings to help visualize your space, making sure the end product is perfect. If needed, we are also able to facilitate the process for your design team at whatever capacity our expertise is required.

Design Knowhow is excited to offer VIDEO PRODUCTION services! Videos add a visual component and an element of interactivity to enhance your company’s trade show presence!

Our Trade Show Display Design Services Include:

  • Concept Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Layout
  • Display Exhibit Rendering
  • Video Production

Visit OUR PORTFOLIO to view more of our custom designs!

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Installation Services

Design Knowhow can manage the installation and dismantle process of your display from start to finish; allowing you time to focus on more important tasks. Our expertly trained staff can go to your show site and supervise and/or install your trade show display; at the end of the show, you can just walk away and be assured that your display is disassembled and packed properly for shipping.

Our trade show installation and dismantle services include:

  • Display set-up and take-down
  • Display set-up supervision
  • Coordination of set-up and take-down
  • Display breakdown and prepare display for shipment


Shipping Services

Let our team take care of all the hassles involved with shipping your trade show exhibit. We research the most reliable and cost effective method to ship your exhibit materials to and from the event and take care of all associated paperwork.

We will assist you with any pre-show paperwork you need to fill out such as the material handling form, supply you with step by step return instructions and return labels.

Have back to back shows? We will analyze your show schedule and figure out the best way to get your display from show to show.

Our trade show shipping logistics services include:

  • The most economical way to ship to and from the show
  • Material Handling form
  • Back to back shows – difficult schedules
  • Manage your exhibit program


Storage and Inventory Management

By storing your display with Design Knowhow, you can take advantage of many services such as display inspection, display preview, inventory management and shipping coordination. You can be assured your trade show display leaves for your show complete and in full working order and is inspected and prepared for its next show upon its return. In addition, we will make you aware of any damages upon its return and if any repairs are necessary. We can also consolidate your shipment helping you to avoid any unnecessary material handling fees typically associated with tradeshows.

Our trade show display storage and inventory management services include:

  • Display management
  • Display inspection
  • Display pull and prepare for shipment
  • Online portal


On-Site Assistance

Need assistance filling out all those show service forms? Let the team at Design Knowhow take care of it for you. From ordering only the electrical and carpet to ordering all the services you need.

Our exhibit consultants can work with you to develop an estimate of show services, ensure that all orders are processed, shipments have arrived and labor crew is scheduled.


Rental Services

Design Knowhow has a complete inventory of rental trade show display components. From table top displays to full island exhibits, we can customize a rental that fits your needs. Rent your whole display or add rental components to your existing hardware to create a new configuration.