December 4, 2018

Spread Your Wings With The Showflex® Butterfly Pop-Up Display

Design KnowHow is pleased to introduce you and your company to the Showflex Butterfly Display. It is as easy as opening an umbrella and as vibrant as a butterfly’s wing! This sophisticated marketing tool is ideal for any client who is presenting alone because of its quick, easy setup and its lightweight, 24-inch containment. The Showflex Butterfly Pop-Up display also complements any larger trade show or presentation display. It opens and closes in seconds. The vibrant die sub-graphics are superb. Plus, there are a wide variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. These displays are simply awesome!

The core of this patent-pending design is the “butterfly” hub, which allows for a wide range of sizes and shapes. Tabletop displays can range from 28” – 70” wide and freestanding back walls can be as large as 92 inches. This butterfly hub opens and closes as easily as an umbrella by unfolding the arms and locking the hub in place with the hinged leg. As you unfold the arms the tension springs automatically lock them into place. Unfolding the last arm stretches the sub die fabric tight. Extend the telescope leg and your display is assembled in under a minute.

Shed some light on your Showflex Butterfly display by adding LED lights.  These simple accessories enhance this marketing tool as part of your company’s tradeshow display and also create a focal point during a presentation. Simply, attach the two 6-watt LED lights to the top of the display to illuminate your vibrant graphics. The sleek, lightweight battery pack weighs less than a pound and lasts up to eight hours.

Dismantling even the largest Showflex Butterfly back wall display is just as easy as set up. Simply lay the unit flat on a tabletop. Release the spring tensions on each arm to fold the arm inward. Pivot the leg upward and the whole display closes just like an umbrella. Stylish, yet uncomplicated, these lightweight displays cut down shipping costs for your business as you travel from one tradeshow to the next.  The ultra-compact tabletop display shows at 50” – 62”, but fits into a 24-inch container. This is ideal for business travel since these canisters fit easily in an overhead compartment.

Gone are the days of bulky, heavy displays that cost a fortune to ship. The Showflex butterfly display is ultra lightweight without losing any of the quality of its predecessor heavy fabric display. Your company will save money on shipping and hiring a team to assemble and disassemble your display. Traveling with your display is easy and cost-efficient, as well. For more information and to start designing your own Showflex Butterfly display, contact Design KnowHow today!



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