July 16, 2020

Stay On Brand with The Chair Halo™

The pandemic has forced most businesses to change the way they operate daily.  Most significantly, many company’s employees are now working from home.  Maintaining the brand and level of professionalism is currently out of the business owner’s hands and put into the employees.   The Chair Halo™ is our newest product, and it will allow you a portable way to stay on-brand and professional.  
• Attach quickly and easily to any chairback 
•Achieve full-color clarity with high-quality digital printing 
• Display your logo in step-and-repeat patterns or custom  full-color designs
• Print on both sides for two backdrop designs in one product
• Present edge-to-edge coverage on most webcams 
• Store easily with lightweight and compact design 
• Stay on budget with affordable price points
Please contact your representative today!  The Chair Halo™ will give your business and your brand the professionalism you seek while working remotely!  
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