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Boston, MA Trade Show Displays & Exhibits

No matter your business, standing out at trade shows is crucial for capturing the attention of potential customers. Design Knowhow is your partner in creating captivating trade show displays and exhibits that elevate your brand above the competition. Our expertise in high-end portable and custom modular displays ensures that your business makes a memorable impact at every event.

Trade Show Displays & Exhibits for Any Industry

In order to stand apart from the rest of the competition, you’ll need displays and exhibits that are high-quality and specific to your industry. At Design Knowhow, we provide a wide variety of displays and exhibits, including:

Table Tops

Our tabletop displays offer the perfect blend of portability and versatility. These convenient solutions are easy to set up and can significantly enhance your presentation or exhibit.

10×10 Displays

Maximize your 10×10 display space with Design Knowhow’s customized backwall options and a wide variety of accessories. We ensure that every inch of your booth is used effectively, creating an inviting and professional environment for your visitors.

10×20 Displays

For those with a 10×20 trade show space, the possibilities are endless. Trust Design Knowhow to fill your space with optimal displays and accessories, ensuring that your booth stands out and attracts a steady flow of visitors.

20×20/Islands & Peninsulas

Islands and peninsulas are the showstoppers of any trade show. Design Knowhow specializes in creating unforgettable experiences for your visitors with these expansive and immersive displays.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are a portable and versatile marketing solution suitable for any space. Our design team will customize the perfect banner to fit your company’s branding and message, ensuring that your display catches the eye of every passerby.


Enhance your exhibit with a range of accessories that add interactive elements to your display. From literature holders and monitors to custom lighting, Design Knowhow provides everything you need to create a dynamic and engaging trade show presence.

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