May 8, 2018

The Fabulously Versatile FabLite

FabLite is the perfect solution to your company’s trade show display needs. A FabLite display balances the right amount of unique boldness with attention-getting style. Your company’s trade show display will shine with this brand.

​FabLite has quickly become a trade show display favorite because of its affordability and flexibility. These portable displays can be easily repositioned, rotated and upgraded. The flexibility of FabLite allows for anything from hanging element accessories to multi-layered full trade show displays. This wide range of uses, along with it’s affordability, make FabLite especially popular with the small business and start-up business communities. Being able to afford a beginning display that can be added to and accessorized in the future is a great investment for any business. These aspects have also made FabLite popular among larger businesses who enjoy adding to their trade show displays to emphasize fresh new ideas and products.

​One of the best features of FabLite displays is their “tool-free” setup, which is an instant financial savings for your company. Easy set-up and break down also save both time and money for your company. This feature also allows for flexibility during a trade show for your company to be able to reposition design elements to further boost your display’s exposure.

​Another great FabLite feature is the new multi-functional base plate. This structured and sturdy base allows for added design flexibility to support your company’s unique trade show display design. This base plate also allows for a layering option further enhancing the design by creating a vibrant, multi-layered display. The 10’ FabLite Multi-Layered Pillowcase Displays and the 20’ FabLite Custom Multe-Layered Exhibit and excellent examples of how dynamic these displays are.

​Our favorite aspect of FabLite displays is the HD pillowcase fabric graphics. This allows for seamless front and back designs for your freestanding display elements, such as the FabLite Pillowcase Tablet Stands, the 3’ FabLite Portable Kiosks and the 10’ FabLite Pillowcase Displays. The HD pillowcase fabric graphics also allow for changing a message on a rotating display. This is a great tool if your company is involved in multiple trade shows throughout the year.

​There are many other great features to FabLite trade show displays. Contact us today! We would love to share these ideas and show you how a FabLite  display will be a great investment for your company.

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