July 31, 2018

Five Ways Design KnowHow Can Help Your Business

The name really says it all! When it comes to tradeshow displays, Design KnowHow knows how to design the perfect tradeshow display for your business. From small companies to large corporations, Design KnowHow thrives when it comes to designing, building, transporting and storing your tradeshow display and accessories. Whether your company is looking to invest in owning its own display or renting displays or accessories for an upcoming tradeshow, Design Knowhow has you covered. Our expert sales team and design team can show your business how to implement the best display for your budget.

Design KnowHow’s sales team knows the ins and outs of the trade show world. We pride ourselves on knowing the latest trends, products, and accessories in tradeshow displays. While most companies only attend one or two tradeshows a year, we have been to hundreds! We literally go to tradeshows about tradeshows! And we are excited to bring that information to our clients.

Design KnowHow has a team of designers that are experts in the trade show world. Our team will work hand-in-hand to translate your company’s branding to a beautiful display that will stand out on any tradeshow floor. Even if your company is brand new to the tradeshow scene; Design KnowHow will help you develop an initial display that can be expanded and accessorized as your business grows.

Perhaps owning your own trade show display is not in your company’s budget this year. That does not mean you won’t be able to attend your industry’s tradeshow. Maybe your company wants to highlight a brand-new product or service this year. Design KnowHow offers many rental display and accessory options. Whether it is renting a full display or just temporarily highlighting one aspect of your company, Design KnowHow’s experts can help you decide which rental option is best for your company’s needs.

Like we said, most companies only attend a few tradeshows a year. While we know the people you send to represent your business know that industry like the back of their hands, we also know that most of them are not experts when it comes to assembling and dismantling a tradeshow display. Don’t worry! Most displays are actually quite easy to assemble and dismantle. Our team can show you how this works or we can send a couple of skillful technicians to a site to assemble and dismantle your tradeshow display.

Design KnowHow also realizes that most companies do not reside in the city that the tradeshow is taking place. Our team is quite knowledgeable when it comes to finding the most efficient and budget-friendly way to transport your company’s display and accessories. Since your display will only be used a few times a year, where will you keep it in between shows? Design KnowHow also offers safe, dry storage space for your company’s display and accessories, as well.

When it comes to tradeshows, Design KnowHow is your company’s go- to resource. Let us walk you through every aspect of the tradeshow world so that your company’s display will be as awesome as your business!

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